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One-third of UK cars suffer pothole damage

According to research carried out by Citroen, a massive 32% of UK motorists claim to have had their car damaged by a pothole. With UK roads in such a poor state, and as lockdown begins to lift, there is even more chance of cars hitting potholes and sustaining damage. 

In January, the RAC revealed it had attended almost 1,500 pothole-related breakdowns in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Follow our advice on potholes, how to minimise the risk of damage and what to do if you do hit a pothole. 

Our Advice for Pothole Safety

1. Check your tyres

If you hit a pothole, having your tyres inflated correctly and in good condition will reduce the risk of damage. Properly inflated tyres give extra protection against impacts and can help to minimise any damage. Tyres which are over or underinflated usually fare worse on uneven road surfaces. You should also look out for any bulges or excessive wear on the tyre sidewall, as tyres with these problems are unlikely to offer much protection from pothole damage.

2. Drive to the road conditions

Driving conditions don’t just concern the weather. Potholes usually mean loose stones, so if the road is in a poor state, slow down to give you more chance of avoiding potholes and reacting to a surface that is slippery with loose stones.

3. Maintain a good grip on the steering wheel

Driving over a pothole, can make your steering wheel jerk suddenly, having a good strong grip on the wheel will reduce the risk of losing control of the car. Braking over a pothole is not recommended as the surface is often loose and can lead to skidding and losing control. So, if you dont manage to slow down before hitting the pothole, try to continue at the same speed over it rather than braking.

4. Look for the signs of pothole damage

There are obvious signs of pothole damage, like punctures, bulges tyres, dents in the wheel rim or even bodywork damage. Other less visible indicators can include leaks, wear under the car or an unusual noises. Your car may also start to pull to one side or handle differently. All signs of damage should be inspected by a garage, just to be safe.

5. Get it checked out

We are always here if you need us to look at your car and check for any hidden pothole damage, our advice doesn’t cost a thing.