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Select the service level you require from the options below and then select a date and time from our live, real-time diary. We don’t take any payment today — this will be settled at the garage when you come to collect your vehicle.

At Motorvation we offer a comprehensive range of servicing for all manufacturers and models of hybrid and Electric vehicles in Northampton

You might think that you need to take your hybrid/electric car back to the manufacturer to be serviced because it needs specialist equipment and knowledge, but that is not the case. Almost all car manufacturers now produce hybrid or fully electric models, so it isn’t really a specialist anymore.
It is true that hybrid/electric servicing is a little different, but we have been working with hybrids for many years. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest technology and specialist training for our vehicle technicians to work on hybrid/electric vehicles. Doing this means that we offer a range of services for hybrid/electric vehicles. We can safely diagnose, service, repair and care for most models of hybrid/electric vehicles.

Which servicing option is right for you?

If your vehicle is not under a manufacturer’s warranty, you can select one of our menu service options. These are the most popular and cost-effective servicing options we offer, and they’ll give you big savings when compared to the cost of taking your car back to the manufacturer for servicing.
If your car is under a manufacturer’s warranty, we can still service your car. It just means that we have to follow the manufacturer’s servicing schedule to stay within the terms of your warranty. It is a standard procedure and we do it all the time, so don’t worry. As the service schedule varies between manufacturers, the amount of work and parts required is different from car to car. So, give us a call and we can quote a price that is specific to your car, which will almost certainly be cheaper than the cost of taking your car back to the manufacturer to be serviced.
Hybrid & Electric Servicing Northampton

Our full range of Hybrid/Electric Services include:

  • Hybrid/Electric Servicing
  • Hybrid/Electric MOT
  • Vehicle system repairs
  • Air conditioning servicing and repair
  • Diagnostics and electrical fault finding
So, if you have a problem with your Hybrid/Electric car, or you need it serviced, give us a call for a quote or more information 01604 765007.