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Select the alignment service below and then select a date and time from our live, real-time diary. We don’t take any payment today — this will be settled at the garage when you come to collect your vehicle.

Why get your Wheel alignment - Geometry checked?

Incorrect Wheel alignment can reduce tyre wear, reduce fuel economy as well as causing handling problems.
You should get your Wheel alignment checked if you see uneven tyre wear, after driving against a kerb or hitting a pothole, when replacing any major suspension parts and when replacing tyres.

Is your car pulling to the left or right or drifting to one side?

Your vehicles wheel alignment can be checked free of charge.
When adjusting any part of the steering geometry we give printouts showing before and after readings using our digital 4 wheel alignment system. We can also set your car up to your own requirements for track days, increase handling performance or reduce tyre wear to suit your individual driving style.