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If you are clocking up the miles, you will be going through a lot of fuel. If you want to save yourself some money. If you can make a few changes to the way you drive, it could help to make those savings.

Cut down on hard braking

Look as far ahead as you can to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration. The more you accelerate, the more fuel you use.

If you keep a good distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, you can adapt your speed when necessary without having to use the brakes and accelerate again.

Change gear earlier

Moving through the gears quicker and driving at lower revs reduces the amount of fuel used so change up a gear at around 2,000 RPM for maximum efficiency.

Tyre pressures

Under-inflated tyres will create more friction with the road which will increase your fuel consumption, increase tyre wear and can be dangerous on the road. So, make sure you check the pressure at least once a month and before any long journeys. You can view our in-depth advice on tyre pressures but if you need any more help, just pop in and we can help out.

Switch off the engine

A lot of newer cars have an automatic engine cut off and restart feature to save fuel. If your vehicle doesn’t switch itself off, then ensure you turn off your engine when you’ve stopped for a minute or more. It will save fuel and lower the amount of pollution that you are producing.

Slow down

Fuel consumption is linked to revs, generally driving faster means higher engine revs. So, fuel consumption will increase the faster you drive so stick to the speed limit and shift to a higher gear as soon as possible.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning uses fuel to power the pump which makes the air cooler. If the air conditioning system is not properly maintained with a regular re-gas and service, the system can become less efficient and increase the amount of fuel that is needed to run it.

You can book an air conditioning re-gas or service with us to help keep your fuel bills down.

Roof boxes

If there is a roof box or roof rack on a vehicle, it will vastly increase drag which means the fuel efficiency will reduce. Any roof racks or boxes should be removed when they are not in use