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An increasing number of motorists are switching to hybrids as their vehicle of choice. This is, in part, due to the seemly constant rising cost of fuel in the UK, along with the lower carbon emissions in comparison to traditional cars. In the past few years hybrids have become more and more commonplace on the UK’s roads and with advances in technology hybrid vehicles are becoming even more environmentally friendly and more affordable.

One of the key factors in choosing a hybrid is the reduced running costs, however, due to the technology involved, people often think that maintaining hybrid cars is much more expensive. This is simply not the case anymore. Since independent garages, like us at Motorvation Northampton, have been able to invest in the training and equipment required to service hybrid cars, there is now a much more cost-effective alternative to taking your hybrid car back to the dealer for servicing.

At Motorvation we offer a range of services for hybrid vehicles, all of which offer huge savings on taking the car back to the dealer for servicing. If your car is still in its warranty period, we can still service the car without invalidating your warranty.            

So, whether you drive a Toyota Prius, Mitsubishi PHEV, or a Golf GTE, give us a call or drop in and speak to us about our hybrid servicing options and how we can save you money on your hybrid car servicing.

Why is servicing a hybrid car different?

The majority of the mechanical parts of a hybrid car are the same as traditional cars. However, there are a few additional parts and checks on the electrical systems that need specialist training and equipment. So, there is a little more work required when servicing a hybrid car, compared to a traditional car.

Servicing hybrid cars requires extra training and specialist equipment due to the high voltage electrical systems that power hybrid cars. Our highly skilled technicians are qualified to enable them to work safely on hybrid cars and have all of the specialist equipment required to carry out the work safely and to the highest standard.

How often should I service my hybrid vehicle?

You should service your hybrid car in line with the manufactures recommendation. This is generally at the same interval as the equivalent traditional car model in the range, though some manufactures do vary their recommendations, so it is best to check your car’s service book.