Coronavirus: 6 Month MOT Extension

01 October 2020 / Motasoft Administrator

UPDATE: The 6 Month Extension is due to end on 1st August 2020, if your MOT is due on or after this date, you need to have your MOT as usual

To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, car, van and motorcycle MOT expiry dates will be extended by 6 months if it’s due on or after 30 March 2020 - but you must keep your vehicle safe to drive.

You must make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and roadworthy. Your car can be unsafe, even if your MOT expiry date has been extended. It is your responsibility to keep your car in a safe condition, regardless of your MOT expiry date.

View our advice on ensuring your vehicle is safe and maintained in a roadworthy condition. If you’re in any doubt, give us a call and arrange for us to check it over for you and sort out any issues you are having.

You can be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get a minimum of 3 penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

Government advice allows us to stay open throughout the Coronavirus outbreak to ensure that the cars on the Britain’s roads are safe, so we are here if you need us. We have taken social distancing measures so if you need us to look at your car, please call ahead to ensure we know you are coming.


Your MOT certificate will be extended by 6 months if it was due to expire on or after 30 March 2020 and your vehicle is a car, motorcycle, light van. this also includes vehicles that are due their first ever MOT test.

How the 6-month extension works

Your vehicle’s MOT expiry date will be automatically extended by 6 months if it’s eligible. This will be done just before it’s due to expire.

This means that:

  1. Your vehicle will still have a valid MOT certificate for an extra 6 months
  2. You can still tax your vehicle - you might need to wait to do this until later in the month if both your MOT and tax run out in the same month
  3. Your insurance will still be valid
  4. Your vehicle’s record will be updated so the police can see you have a valid MOT
  5. You will not get a new paper MOT certificate with the new expiry date on it.
  6. You must still keep your vehicle safe to drive.

What do you need to do?

Your vehicle’s MOT expiry date will be updated a few days before it was originally due to expire.

  1.  Three days before your MOT was originally due to expire, check the expiry date has been extended.
  2. If the expiry date has not been extended 3 days before it was due to expire, email

Include the following details in the email:

  1. MOT expiry date
  2. vehicle registration number (number plate)

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will then update your vehicle’s record and email you to tell you this has been done

Taxing your vehicle

If your vehicle tax and MOT run out in the same month, you cannot renew your vehicle tax until your MOT expiry date has been extended. It will be extended a few days before it was originally due to expire. So, you might need to wait until later in the month to tax your vehicle.

Check that the MOT expiry date has been extended before attempt to tax your vehicle.


We are still here if you need us.

Although the 6 month extension is in place, you are still responsible for maintaining a safe and roadworthy vehicle, including your tyres, brakes and all other safety systems on the vehicle. If you have any issues, or if you are unsure about anything, we are still open. We are also still taking MOT bookings, if your missed your MOT date before 30th March and need a new MOT we are still taking bookings and we do have testers on site to carry out a valid MOT. If you need one, you can book your MOT online or give us a call.




My first time in for a motorcycle MOT & I was greeted by Darren who is a genuinely nice chap. He was very friendly and dealt with me immediately as soon as I arrived bike was in and out passed with no hassle. I would highly recommend this place.


AWESOME! Thank you so much for getting my AR125 in for a late notice MOT. Top service, great guys there really passionate about the job and really looked after me. My bike passed after a couple of issues were sorted. Not bad for a 32 year old bike!

John Greensmith

you can rely on them. charge minimal for servicing. best value for money.

Padma Lochan

Been using this garage for years and as always great customer service that goes above and beyond expected. I would recommend this garage for a friendly honest service.

David Fletcher

Needed a regas on cars air con find out that what I needed was the new environmental friendly gas Motorvation had the new machines to be able to do this at a great price. Darren was brilliant kept me informed of the progress, can recommend this garage highly

Jane Boullemier

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