The Cars Most Likely to Pass an MOT

01 October 2020 / Motasoft Administrator

The car makes and models most likely to pass and fail an MOT

2019 data from the Department for Transport has been released which has been analysed by the insurance company By Miles. The data reveals the car makes and models that are most and least likely to pass an MOT.

With more cars on the road again as lock-down is eased and the 6 month MOT extension in place, there are potentially over 1 million cars on the roads that would not pass an MOT if it were carried out today. Your car might be one of those, if you want peace of mind, you can still get an MOT and book online today.

The Best and Worst Manufacturers

The best five manufacturers

1 Lexus                 93.80%

2 Honda               93.70%

3 Porsche            93.60%

4 Mini                   91.60%

5 Suzuki                91.40%

It is good news if you own a Lexus, Honda or Porsche. All of the top 3 have a pass rate over 93%. Mini and Suzuki round off the top 5, with over 91% of cars passing their MOT.

The worst five manufacturers

1 Renault             82.70%

2 Citroen              84.60%

3 Dacia                 85.80%

4 Vauxhall           85.90%

5 Volvo                 86.20%

The news is less encouraging for Renault drivers with a pass rate under 83% for their vehicles. The worst 5 is rounded off by Citroen, Dacia, Vauxhall and Volvo.

The Best and Worst Models

The best five models

1 Honda Jazz                      95.40%

2 Honda CR-V                     93.40%

3 Toyota Prius                    93.10%

4 Mercedes GLA               92.80%

5 Toyota RAV4                   92.70%

Although a close second in the overall manufactures, Honda have the 2 best models for MOT passes, the Honda Jazz and CR-V lead the pack. The Honda’s are followed by the Toyota Prius, Mercedes GLA and Toyota RAV4.

The worst five models

1 Renault Megane           78.10%

2 Citroen DS3                     81.00%

3 Renault Clio                    81.40%

4 Volvo V40                        83.90%

5 Vauxhall Insignia           84.40%

Renault again fare poorly in the worst models list. The Megane has an MOT failure rate of over 20% (more than 1 in 5), Renault also have the Clio third in the worst models in the UK, with the Citroen DS3 between the Renaults. The worst five is rounded off with the Volvo V40 and the Vauxhall Insignia.

Make and Model Alone Won’t Pass or Fail an MOT

The model and manufacturer of the car alone is not a factor for the passing or failure of an MOT. This data doesn’t tell us why the cars failed their MOT, things like tyre wear, windscreen wipers, fluid levels and light bulbs not working are all reasons for a failure. Regular servicing and maintenance along with carrying out a some simple checks at home will help ensure your car’s roadworthiness and improve the chances of passing an MOT. A well-maintained Renault Megane is more likely to pass an MOT than a neglected Honda Jazz.

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